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PASSO Pleated Knotted Handbags
Pleated Knotted Handbags
$128.00 $128.00
PASSO White Jumpsuit
White Jumpsuit
$69.99 $69.99
PASSO Crochet Top
Crochet Top
$45.99 $45.99
PASSO Knitted Fringes Dress
Knitted Fringes Dress
$59.99 $59.99
PASSO Floral Wide Pant
Floral Wide Pant
$69.00 $69.00
PASSO Puff Sleeve Blouse
Puff Sleeve Blouse
$59.00 $59.00
PASSO Cargo Jean
Cargo Jean
$69.99 $69.99

About Us!

My name is Ilka M Cintrón, born and raised in the beautiful Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. Happy wife and mom of two, Jorge and Danny. My passion for shoes led me to explore new horizons, and so the story of Passo Boutique Begins!

Founded in the town of Caguas, Puerto Rico in 2005, Passo opened its doors as a women’s footwear boutique, then called Passo Shoe Boutique. Thanks to the support of my family, team and clients, we continued to grow and diversify until we became what Passo is today!

PASSO Jacket Romper
Jacket Romper
$65.00 $65.00
PASSO Yellow Dress
Yellow Dress
$59.00 $59.00
PASSO Fringes Crochet Top
Fringes Crochet Top
$49.00 $49.00
PASSO Color Block Satin Dress
Color Block Satin Dress
$79.00 $79.00
PASSO Cargo Nylon Jumpsuit
Cargo Nylon Jumpsuit
$89.00 $89.00
PASSO Natural Raffia Heel
Natural Raffia Heel
$140.00 $140.00
PASSO Striped Organza Dress
Striped Organza Dress
$75.00 $75.00
PASSO Floral Set
Floral Set
$79.00 $79.00
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